What you don’t know about dust sheets

There’s more to dustsheets than you might think! We stock a range of covers and dustsheets in fabrics and thicknesses for all your needs, whether you’re painting, building or moving heavy furniture/ appliances.

If you’re a business who delivers heavy goods such as furniture or fridges, we recommend Sliprotex. One of the major problems companies face is wooden flooring which can be marked easily and irreparably. But regular dustsheets can cause trip hazards and the possibility of slipping as they slide on polished floors.

Sliprotex dustsheets from Griffith
Sliprotex dustsheets from Griffith

Sliprotex is an innovative material which moulds to the curves and contours of the floor. With its anti-slip backing it can even go up stairs, allowing you to get to your destination safely.

This material will also soak up spillages with its absorbant fabric top cover, but the water resistant membrane means liquid cannot penetrate it – so it’s fantastic for painting jobs too!

Sliprotex can be used to protect any surface; from carpets to tiles. And because it’s self-adhesive (and easily removable of course), it eliminates the need to tape the fabric down.

For more information on Sliprotex, please get in touch.

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