Glaziers – Do you worry about trip hazards on the job?

In any industry tripping can be a difficult hazard to overcome but if you’re fitting windows or working with glass it is absolutely imperative. If you’re protecting floors with dustsheets, unless you spend time taping them down, they could pose a trip hazard. However, by choosing Sliprotex you can lessen the risk, save time, and get on with your job more quickly!

Sliprotex – the non slip dust sheet

Sliprotex is a great dust sheet solution for businesses such as glaziers and window fitters, where tripping could be incredibly dangerous and detrimental on the job. Why?

1. It is self adhesive so you don’t have to spend time taping down dustsheets

2. It has an absorbent top layer, so spillages are soaked up (and the plastic backing ensures liquid doesn’t soak through to the floor)

3. It sticks to any surface from carpet to tiles, without damaging the floor underneath

4. It even goes up stairs – an area where laying traditional dustsheets can be difficult and time consuming

Sliprotex is the next generation of non slip dustsheet and has been specifically created to make life easier for glaziers, window fitters, builders, home improvement companies and even DIY enthusiasts. Find out more about what Sliprotex can do for you and your business by visiting the dust sheet specialist.

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