wet weather dust sheets

Why are dust sheets intrinsic to your business’ reputation

During the winter months rainy skies churn up the earth creating muddy slippery surfaces both outside and in. For delivery and tradesmen this can be a problem as their jobs entail a great deal of walking inside and out again to pick up tools, products and more. In this situation, wet weather can pose several problems. Firstly, it means you often can’t help but tread mud and dirt into the house; secondly, walking the wet indoors causes slip risks.

Dirty carpets and damaged floors

All things considered, dirty carpets may seem like a trivial issue; however consider the cost of replacing one and you could run into hundreds of pounds. Neither you nor your customer wants to have to pay out for this.

Dustsheets for wet weather

But beyond the damage to your business in terms of the cost of compensation is the harm this can cause to your company’s reputation. In general, consumers are much happier to talk about the faults a company has than its benefits.

Just type into Google “delivery men damaged floor” and you will find hundreds of examples. In several cases, a good dust sheet could have prevented or minimised damage.

Slip risks

Perhaps even more serious is the threat of slippery floors, which can be a nightmare when it comes to the health and safety of both your delivery team and the public. Wet weather and popular wood or laminate flooring together can be a bit of a nightmare for delivery and tradesmen, as well as the general public.

If you slip on wet flooring you can cause damage to the household interior, the products you are carrying and injury to yourself. Slippery floors can also be a hazard for the public, which could lead to costly claims against your company and damage your reputation for quality service.

No one can take all the risks out of life but the right dust sheet could minimise or in some cases even prevent damage to property or injury. If you are seeking protective floor coverings for your business speak to us – we’ll help you source the dust sheet that best meets your needs.